Pstrąg Ojcowski

Our Trout Farm

Our trout farm in Ojców provides unique local produce. The Ojcowski Trout has become a famous brand recognised by culinary trainers, the exponents of healthy food and most prominent chefs such as Aleksander Baron or Przemek Błaszczyk who place a value on high quality and the locality of products. As a traditional product and a member of the European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage, the Ojcowski trout represents the Lesser Poland Province in the largest food festivals in Berlin, Warsaw and Poznań. Moreover, our product is often included in menus of renowned restaurants in Kraków: Albertina Food&Wine, Studio Twój Kucharz, Bistro 11, Forum Przestrzenie to name but a few. Our brown trout also appeared at culinary events and festivals like Najedzeni Fest!.

As part of an educational campaign aimed at protecting environment and culinary heritage, the Ojcowski Trout collaborates with the Marshal Office of Lesser Poland, the county council, Skała Municipality and the Ojców National Park as well as with the following associations: Jurassic Land, Women and Wine as well as the Association of the Polish Jura Vignerons.

Our smoked brown trout has won a great number of awards, including a medal at the international Tastes of Regions fair held in Poznań, the title of the Polish Food Producer awarded by the Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski Association as well as an achievement award at the Małopolska Taste Festival and the Regionalia Fair in Warsaw. Our brown trout was shortlisted for the AgroPoland prize. Owing to its locality and unique characteristics, the Ojcowski trout has joined the Village for Gourmets project related to the Małopolska Gourmet Routes.

Our History

A fish farm at the Sąspowska Valley was first mentioned in December 1935. Jan Kowerski – the first representative of the Czartoryski Dukes’ Goods Management – referred to trout farming in Ojców. A year later, a fishery was founded on Duchess Ludwika Czartoryska’s land. After being leased, it started to make profit in the years 1937-1938. At that time, water was provided to the ponds through a special channel called Młynówka, which had supplied water to a windmill located there at the beginning of the 20th century.

Due to the land reform of 1944, the fishery and other properties of the Czartoryski family were nationalised.

The fish farm was run by the Association of Fish Enterprises in Kraków and since 1986 it has been managed by the Ojców National Park. Currently, the Ojcowski Trout farm consists of seven fish ponds, a recreational Beta pond, the Młynówka stream together with a waterfall, a historical Hatchery and a part of the building called Rybakówka (Fisherman’s).