Pstrąg Ojcowski


The Ojcowski Trout in the European Parliament!

On 7th March – on the eve of the international Women’s Day – we were privileged to participate in the Strong Rural Women 4 Strong Rural Europe conference organised by Copa-Cogeca and patronised by the members of the European Parliament Marijana Petir and Gabriela Zoană. A lot of prominent guests, including Magdalena Węgiel, delivered their speeches. Magdalena Węgiel pointed out how important it is to make rural women’s role more noticeable in Poland and Europe as well as how significant local authorities’ involvement is to introduce changes. We would like to thank for the invitation. As for you dear ladies, we wish you self-confidence and persistence. Magda and Agnieszka
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The Title of the Farmer of the Year Goes to the Ojcowski Trout!

On 8th February, we won the Farmer of the Year prize in the 25th edition of this countrywide competition. We were presented with the award by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development – Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski – in the Sheraton Hotel in Kraków. We won the category of special agricultural production sectors. Since 280 farms took part in the competition, it is an even greater honour for us to be one of eight winners. We would like to express our gratitude to the National Support Centre for Agriculture for shortlisting the Ojcowski Trout for the award.


The Ojcowski Trout in Winter

At winter weekends between 11am and 5pm, feel welcome to come to Ojców for a warm trout, just from the smokery. The opening of our outdoor grill facilities depends on weather, so follow our fan page on Facebook to find current information and our phone number. See you in Ojców!


Best Female Experts on Trout in Europe!

On 15th October 2018, the fifth edition of the Women Innovation Award for Women Farmers was held in Brussels. Prizes were awarded by Copa-Cogeca and supported by Austrian presidency, DG Agri as well as AnimalhealthEurope. Magdalena Węgiel won the competition.

These days, 30% of agricultural enterprises are run by women farmers. Women’s involvement in agriculture results in innovative projects and undertakings, which proves crucial for sustainable development of rural communities. Thirty-five projects initiated by the Women Innovation Award for Women Farmers demonstrate European innovation process.

Out of thirty-five eligible applications, the five most innovative were presented during the awards ceremony hosted by Maurizia Reale – the NAT Section President – and Czesław Siekierski – the Chair of COMAGRI. The award went to Magdalena Węgiel who was shortlisted by the National Council of Agricultural Chambers for the Ojcowski Trout aquaculture project aimed at reviving brown trout farming in the Ojców National Park.


The Ojcowski Trout at the Terroir Warsaw

The Terroir Warsaw was an international gastronomic forum, which took place in Warsaw on 27th and 28th May 2018. It culminated at a lavish dinner prepared by pairs of Polish and international chefs. The best Polish chefs were invited, including Wojciech Modest Amaro (Atelier Amaro), Maciej Nowicki (the Museum of King John III’s Palace at Wilanów) or Robert Trzópek (Bez Gwiazdek). Chefs Adrian Klonowski (Pädaste Manor, Estonia) and Nicolai Ellitsgaard Pedersen ( Under, Norway) prepared marinated trout from Ojców with celery and chives flowers.

Dinner took place in a recently opened restaurant ZONI, where Aleksander Baron is the chef.

The Terroir Hospitality is a business meeting which has been held in Toronto for twelve years. It gathers together the best chefs, food producers and culinary journalists from all over the world.


The Ojcowski Trout is recommended by the Gault&Millau Poland 2018

The Ojcowski Trout is recommended by the prestigious Gault&Millau Yellow Guide, which offers a culinary map. It presents reliable information about where to eat and buy regional products tested by experts. Each year a dozen of anonymous well-qualified experts assess around a thousand of selected restaurants. The Yellow Guide includes only the best ones.


The Ojcowski Trout at the Grüne Woche Fair in Berlin

The Ojcowski Trout has already represented Lesser Poland Province three times at the international Grüne Woche fair in Berlin. It is the biggest such event devoted to world’s food fairs, agriculture and gardening. It strongly promotes regional specialities, ecological products and quality produce. Being held for ten days, it attracts over 400 thousand visitors who have an opportunity to taste flavours of 67 countries at 1200 stalls.