Pstrąg Ojcowski

logo_ministerstwa-300x300 The Ojcowski trout is a traditional product from Lesser Poland Province. It is registered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as a quality product which is produced by means of traditional methods that have been used for twenty-five years.
produkt-lokalny-orange The Małopolska Local Product is a logo certifying local products from Lesser Poland Province. The logo confirms that a product’s recipe is inspired by local history as well as natural and cultural heritage. Furthermore, it ascertains that it is made of natural ingredients and not by means of mass production.
logo_malopolska The Małopolska Festival of Flavours is the biggest culinary event that has been held by the Marshal Office of Lesser Poland Province for twelve years. It promotes local food producers as well as regional and traditional dishes. The title is given to the best products awarded at the festival.