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The tradition of farming the brown trout in the town of Ojców dates back to the 1930s. Founded in 1935 on Duchess Ludwika Czartoryska’s land, the fish farm was one of the first in this area. In 2014, Magda Węgiel and her daughter Agnieszka Sendor leased the unused ponds that otherwise were to be neutralised. Owing to their hard work and full involvement, they have managed not only to revive the brown trout fishery but also to create a place where you can take a rest, relax and enjoy a culinary delight.

History of Our Trout Farm



The Ojcowski Trout in the European Parliament!

On 7th March – on the eve of the international Women’s Day – we were privileged to participate in the Strong Rural Women 4 Strong Rural Europe conference organised by Copa-Cogeca and patronised by the members of the European Parliament Marijana Petir and Gabriela Zoană. A lot of prominent guests, including Magdalena Węgiel, delivered their speeches. Magdalena Węgiel pointed out how important it is to make rural women’s role more noticeable in Poland and Europe as well as how significant local authorities’ involvement is to introduce changes. We would like to thank for the invitation. As for you dear ladies, we wish you self-confidence and persistence. Magda and Agnieszka
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You can find us in the heart of the Ojców National Park, about 1 km from the car park near the Ojców Castle and the Jonaszówka viewing point. We are located at the crossroads of the paths leading to Łokietek’s Grotto, Kraków Gate and Sąspkowska Valley. In our outdoor grill area, we serve unique brown trout, in both smoked and grilled versions. At your disposal, there are about 60 seats, a 160 m2 large terrace equipped with deckchairs and a boat.



The Ojcowski Trout Farm is a family business set up by mother and daughter, who wanted to bring back to life pre-war ponds located in the very heart of the Ojców National Park. Our aims are to restore brown trout farming, promote thoughtful and ethical breeding, educate society about regional history and culinary traditions.


Only 2% of farming in Poland
Genetically pure breed
Tender, juicy and lean meat
Farmed in crystal clear water in accordance with traditional methods
At least two years of breeding in open trout ponds

The picturesque location, natural microclimate as well as crystal clear and well-oxygenated water from the Młynówka stream give the trout ponds their unique quality. All these factors combined result in an imitation of a mountain stream, that is a natural habitat of the brown trout, which creates excellent farming conditions.

Natural farming


Smoked and grilled brown trout is served in the simplest possible form. Our trout are always fresh and never frozen as we put a high value on quality and healthy products. Our speciality – the brown trout – is naturally smoked with beechwood and without preservatives or food colouring. The trout is served with local bread. We wholeheartedly recommend wine from local vineyards, tasty and healthy Maurer juice, mineral water from Wysoka Zdrój and beer from regional breweries.

traditional product

The Ojcowski Trout is a traditional product of the Lesser Poland Province. It is certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Ojcowski Trout company is a member of the European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage, which gathers together producers and restaurant owners. Its aim is to preserve and develop traditional local cuisine characteristic of a given region of the European Union.

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Culinary Krakow
Innovative Trout from Krakow
It's undoubtedly the most acclaimed fish in all of Poland. Even though Pstrąg Ojcowski, the Ojców trout, can be sampled in the finest Polish restaurants, for best results it must be sampled in its own habitat – just outside Krakow: in the heart of Ojców National Park.
Culinary Krakow
The First News
Polish Woman One of the Most Innovative Female Farmers in EU
Magdalena Węgiel, a trout breeder, is among the most innovative female farmers in the European Union, the Permanent Representation of Poland to the EU has reported.

The First News
Poland In
Polish Woman Farmer Among Most Innovative in EU.
A Polish farmer Magdalena Węgiel was awarded, among five others, the Innovation Award for Women Farmers by the Committee of Professional Agricultural Organisations-General Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives (COPA-COGECA) for the restoration of trout-farming in the Polish Ojcowski National Park.
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    * You can find us in the centre of a wildlife reserve, where you are not allowed to drive. You may leave your car at a car park in Ojców – about 10-minute walk, near Złota Góra hill – about 40-minute walk, in Czajowice next to Łokietek’s Grotto – about 30-minute walk or in Murownia – about 40-minute walk. There is a year-round bus connection from Kraków.